Nicole & Amex -- We hope you can give our social space a makeover by helping us updating our new (old) Living Room! After the long haul of buying our first apartment in NYC (we just closed last week!), juggling the day-to-day of working full time and raising our 2-year old daughter on our own (no childcare -- we work opposite schedules), meanwhile expecting twin girls to arrive later this summer, we have no resources and, most importantly, almost no energy/time to redesign the terribly outdated Living Room (hello 80s?) in our new apartment. We appreciate good design and are skilled at working with small spaces, but are totally tapped out creatively, financially, and logistically. Not only would the points help us to achieve a comfortable & functional living space for our expanding family (need more seating, bigger table, etc.), but also the creative input would help it feel like home which couldnt be more timely (after such a long road and before the baby chaos hits ;)

Find some before photos of the Living Room space below (which flows into the also-outdated kitchen that we hope to properly renovate next year) as well as some photos of our current + last apartment Living Rooms to give you a get a sense of our style. I also included a few family photos so that you can see us a little more clearly.

We hope to hear from you!


Lisa & Don (and Sonja)

Ugh -- Help us update our new (old) LR!